Everything You Should Know About Iphone 8

Iphone 8

When we talk about iPhone8, innovations, and expectations, indulge in a never-ending imagination. If it’s about the iPhone 8, which is scheduled to be released after the iPhone 7, all the boundaries of thoughts break down. Thus our technical expectations from iPhone, which is World’s leading technological incubator- Apple Inc’s front line product increase. We have done research a lot on the iPhone and Apple’s recent patents. Combining some factors, we can visualize what Apple is trying to put in its upcoming iPhone 8.

Iphone 8

If you are taking this info as iPhone 8 rumours, you are absolutely wrong. We better can tag it Probable Features of iPhone 8. iPhone 6 is out in the market from today, and iPhone lovers have already started speculating about the features of the eighth generation iPhone i.e., iPhone 8. iPhone fans are already going gaga about the sixth-generation iPhone, which helps us conjure a picture of what will happen when the far more advanced iPhone 8 will be released.

However, there is still loads of time left before the eighth generation iPhone can be released. Speculation bombarded around the iPhone 6 before its release, though some of the speculations were right few features are still missing from the phone, and we expect to see those advanced features in iPhone 8. So here are features which we would like to see in iPhone 8:

Not So Delicate a Gadget

First and foremost, we are expecting iPhone 8 to be much more sturdy and strong. We would like to carry a 100% water-resistant iPhone 8. Not only resistant to water, but we would also like it to be sturdier so that it is not declared dead just after accidentally slipping from your hand only once.

Wireless Charger

Technology has made quite some advancement in the past two decades, and even wireless chargers have been discovered. So we cannot think of carrying those cables along with us always. However, we still do not get to see this feature on the latest iPhone. However, we are expecting this feature to be integrated into iPhone 8 in the course of the next two years. Trapping solar energy to run various gadgets is in use for quite some time. Therefore, in the next-generation iPhone 8, we might get to see solar batteries, whereby charging the gadget will be far easier and, at the same time, environment friendly.

More Built-In Storage Capacity

We would definitely like to see iPhone 8 with more inbuilt storage capacity as iOS 8, Apple’s mobile operating platform is quite huge. Moreover, the update patches are also quite big, and soon there would not remain enough storage capacity in the phone’s memory. Therefore, when iPhone 8 releases two years from now, we are expecting it to have at least 128GB inbuilt storage capacity along with provision for extending the memory with the help of an SD Card. We are pretty sure that 128GB would be enough, even with occasional system updates.

Hands-Free Unlock

Retina tracking sensors are the latest technology that is already available in some of the flagship Android phones. However, we didn’t get to see this technology even in the latest version of the iPhone i.e., iPhone 6. iPhone lovers would definitely like to experience this hands-free way of unlocking the phone and expect it to be integrated into iPhone 8. Since Apple products have always been known for their security features, we are pretty sure that this feature will be present in the next-generation iPhones.

Lightning Port Instead of Headphone Jack

We all are aware that Apple has been working on a radical change that will replace a 3.5 mm headphone jack with lightning port. By this, more space will be saved for the battery. Though rumor has indicated that Apple would introduce this technology in the upcoming iPhone 7, be assured that the progress of implementing in iPhone is halfway, So the probability of getting attached to the iPhone 8 is increasing gradually.

Water Resistant Display

The smartphone market is going to be more competitive in the future. To check on other competitors, Apple is designing its lined up iPhone with a special water repellent coating. We are expecting it will be silicon coating, which will cover the display. But, don’t worry- this will not hamper color experience in any way.

Camera with dual sensors

Apple is transforming its camera design. Recently rumor came that they are going backflush design leaving the small protruding design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. But the tweak will be awaiting for you as Apple will introduce dual sensor technology. This will enable clearer image capture even when you are in motion. On the other hand, it will remove air noise while capturing video! Simply clever, nothing else.

Other Features Of Iphone8

An interesting update that we would like to see on iPhone 8 is a far more advanced FindMyPhone app. At present, this app only helps the users to trace the location of the phone in case it is stolen or lost. However, in the coming days, we expect Apple developers to program this app in such a way so that in case this expensive phone is stolen, it will not be of any use to the thieves. So users can rest assured that the sensitive data stored in the phone cannot be exploited under any circumstance.

Apple’s biggest rival Samsung is already planning to launch its next-generation phones with a flexible display. So Apple can’t be left behind from the competition. So we are definitely expecting iPhone 8 to come with a flexible display so that users can easily carry it in their hand as well as pocket.

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